Envision Expression Canyon Ridge

Canyon Ridge

Envision Expression Caribou Brown

Caribou Brown

Envision Expression Harbor Grey

Harbor Grey

Envision Expression Woodland Bark

Woodland Bark

*Before making your purchase, view several full length boards. Representation of these colors is as accurate as modern technology will permit. As with any composite product, color variations will occur. View several full length pieces of material prior to selection and installation. Colors will usually weather to a lighter shade within the first several months of exposure to the environment. Color selection may vary across profiles.

  • With solid colors and deep grain, the Expression deck sets the stage for everyday family living.
  • Compression process creates a physical bond between the outer layer and core board to help prevent delamination.
  • Compression molding allows for deep grain wood-like texture and more random patterns for a more natural wood look.
  • Bonded outer layer adds durability for everyday life.
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Envision Expression Grooved Board

1" Grooved Edge Boards

Envision Expression Non Grooved Board

1" Square Edge Boards

Dimensions and Profiles

Nominal Size Actual Size
1" x 6" x (16' or 20') 15/16" x 5-1/2"
1" x 6" x 12' Available 15/16" x 5-1/2"

Span Chart

Maximum center-to-center spans with a minimum of three joists

All Tolerances +/- 1/16"

Envision Expression 1" x 6"

Residential Decks & Light-Duty Decks


Commercial Decks, Marinas & Boardwalks


Playground Equipment


Stair Installation


Diagonal Installation


Envision® and EverGrain® decking products are nonstructural products. These decking products should not be used in structural manner, including use as joists, load-bearing columns, stringers or beams.

Envision/EverGrain Composite Decking Screws

Envision® & EverGrain® Composite Decking Screws

EG 123 Clip

EG 1•2•3 Fastener

EverClip Hidden Fastener

EverClip Hidden Fastener

Approved Fasteners

  • Cortex
  • TCG
  • CAMO
Low Maintenance Less time on maintenance. More time for life.
25 Year Limited Warranty A great warranty for a great product.
Highly Durable Stress less about the life of your deck.

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